HAARP a Military Weapon Turned on Humanity?


HAARP Alaska

HAARP Alaska

I leave your interpretation of this article and the facts herein, to your own discretion.  I know in my heart from what I’ve learned, there is a connection between HAARP and the uptick in global natural disasters.  Global warming hype is just that, hype! A financial empire has been amassed proclaiming global warming a factor in the fraudulent proclamation that humans are killing the earth.  Humans are killing the earth but it is being done by much more nefarious means.  Each time there is a horrible natural disaster in the world, the road always leads back to HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).  I invite you to watch the following videos at your convenience.  They are absolutely astounding.  Finally the proof that HAARP is a factor in the changing weather patterns and the frequency of earthquakes.  Although it now seems to be fact in relation to HAARP, weather and earthquakes I don’t have a clue what can be done to stop this life-threatening project.

Everyone who has an interest in this subject,  knows something connects HAARP with disaster after disaster, but what can be done to stop it?  The military considers HAARP a weapon and taking a weapon from the military would be like trying to have tanks banned.  Conspiracy theories aside, HAARP  is real and truly exists.  My thanks goes out to all the researchers who take their time and energies to actually track what is happening and actually report true and unadulterated findings.  Unlike some who hope to sensationalize their reporting, others actually spend untold hours researching and tracking the correlation between horrific earthquakes, unusually strong hurricanes, floods and tremendously large and powerful tornado outbreaks and their undeniable relationship to HAARP.


There are several “first hand” witness reports that have survived the years, from people who experienced the earthquakes of 1811 and 1812.  This post will provide excerpts from these reports.  After reading these for myself it is unfathomable that an event of this magnitude could actually happen at any time in the same area. The difference in 1811 and today are the numbers of people and cities on and around the New Madrid fault.  I invite you to read these excerpts and imagine will happen when the New Madrid comes to life once more.

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